This pilgrimage of the cross stems from a series of visions that Emyr Mathias has been receiving from the Lord over the last couple of years. This series of visions first started during a time of prayer for Llandysul and a work of evangelism being done there.

After a time of worship, Emyr received a clear direction from the Lord that Angus Buchan was to come to Wales. A few months later a couple hosted Angus in a sheep shed in Trecastle and had an amazing turnout of 800 people!  As Emyr went to help with the collection he heard the Lord say, “This is the first event”. He then saw a vision where he was carrying a St David’s flag from St David’s to Snowdon but his immediate reaction was, “I’m not carrying a flag on the road – that’s silly!” So a little while later, the Lord said to him, “I want you to carry a cross from St David’s to Snowdon”. Again, Emyr thought, “I’m not doing that!”

A short while later however, Emyr met Angie Taylor who, after the loss of her son, carried a cross from Land’s End to John O’Groats with amazing testimonies of what the Lord did along the way. When Emyr told Angie of his vision she exclaimed, “You daft bat! Get the cross made!”

So Easter 2015, Emyr carried the cross for the first time after receiving an invitation from the Anglican Church, He carried it 3 miles uphill and his son, who is not a Christian, came and ran with it a way. It was put in the pulpit and photos of it were in the local paper.

The second time Emyr was to carry the cross he somewhat unintentionally ended up in Newcastle Emlyn where he was well known. When asked what he was doing he would reply, “I’m cross training!” To which people would ask, “Where are the nails?” and Emyr would say, “I use No-Nails, see!” As he was on his way up the hill he heard one lady say, “What do you think about this man carrying the cross?” and another replied, “It’s wonderful, it’s like Jesus being in town!”

On the third occasion, Emyr headed towards Pembrokeshire, feeling this time like he didn’t know what on earth he was doing. Nearing a fish festival, he decided to walk with the cross over the nearby bridge and as he did, a secular band began to sing, “Can you see the vision? Can you see the vision?” and everyone started looking up and pointing at the cross!

There have been fun and joyful times throughout this journey but it has also been difficult, both physically and mentally. Emyr admits that sometimes he doesn’t feel like a good Christian and doesn’t even feel like talking to people while he is out but the Lord has been faithful to use him anyway.

Recently, Emyr was led to go to Llanllwni Mountain with the cross. It was a beautiful day and as he was walking he said to the Lord, “Can you sort me out? I’m carrying the cross but you need to sort me out. You’re big enough to sort me out.” Suddenly a car passed by and he was filled with an unexplainable joy and excitement. As he neared the top of the mountain he saw a lady, sat on the bonnet of her car, who offered him a cake and something to drink. She was just crying out to the Lord when the cross appeared and she was really significantly touched.

Whilst at the Royal Welsh Show, the Lord spoke to Emyr about Psalm 133 and began to show him different businesses working in unity. Emyr saw in the spirit that the Lord was going to use many different means to reach the lost – skateboarders, powerlifters etc. – all in unity, without competition. Emyr had such a strong sense of God’s love and unity he couldn’t stop crying. He sensed that the Lord was releasing ‘the sound of Wales’ but more than that, it was going to be for Europe, or even the world.

On another occasion Emyr was again overcome with tears as the Lord spoke the words ‘healing revival’ and ‘there’s healing in His wings’ to him.

The next vision Emyr received was of twelve flags on top of a mountain and there were twelve fighting men and women of God, planting the flags in the ground with a ‘boom!’ Each one held a flag and they were strengthened in unity.

He then had a powerful vision where he felt like he was David running at Goliath with his sling. As he was running he suddenly took off and was flying like an eagle. He kept repeating the words ‘meat for me’ and then he saw himself flying over the mountains, spotting meat down below and taking the plunge to catch the meat. By this point in the natural, Emyr couldn’t stop crying. Although he didn’t fully understand the vision he feels that it is to do with authority – like how Jesus, with the Holy Spirit and with power, went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil.

In the last couple of months of 2015, a number of people contacted Emyr to say they believed his vision was from the Lord and they wanted to support him in it. Whilst up in Abergynolwyn he and his wife Diane heard angels singing as they were by the river there.