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First Team Gathering

A group of about 25 of us met for the first time at Ffald-y-Brenin in November to pray about the development and outreach of Emyr’s vision. It was a time of gathering with like-minded saints who all expressed their commitment to support Emyr in this work both in prayer and in practical matters.

The meeting began with an encouragement that each one of us there was there for a reason. We heard that a small, multi-denominational group had been faithfully carrying a cross from Ffald-y-Brenin to St David’s for the past 7 years. This journey was one of united obedience, ‘of joining with the Lord on the road’ and one that has caused a deep and sincere love to grow amongst the members. This year, they are handing the baton on to Emyr and to this gathering of people that will support and commit to the vision.

We spent some time worshipping the Lord, with a strong sense of joy and unity in the Spirit, and we received a number of prophetic words of encouragement:

Find your courage my children. Find your courage and your strength in me. I yearn for my lost ones, I yearn for my little ones alone in the dark. Come with me, find your feet, walk in my light and we will bring them home. (Interpretation of Emyr’s tongues)

Vision of a frame with blocks being made. Clay and sand were being poured into the frame and then a piece of wire cut the bottom off and the blocks were pulled out and put in a pile all made of clay as though something was being built. Sense that the Lord was saying He was building a people of power – living stones.

Following this precious time of worship, Emyr began to share the vision of the pilgrimage of the cross. He wanted to let us all know that this was not about him, nor was it his vision, but it is about the Lord and it is His vision. And that we are all one together, in Him.

If you would like to read the full vision, please click here.

There was a real sense of excitement as people began to share stories of what the Lord was saying and doing and how it all tied in with the words and stories already shared.

In particular, we were encouraged by a word that the Lord was speaking to us in that moment:

In this place I am birthing a unity of brethren which will surpass all that has been before, because I have within you my Spirit. This assembly understands the necessity of obedience to my Spirit’s guiding. I am using you to bring to fruition the vision. None of you are here by accident. You are here at my request. Because you listen to me – you wait and listen. Have confidence in what you are hearing and act upon it because it is from me.

A number more visions were also shared:

Vision of Jesus standing on a height and He planted His banner and was waiting for people to come out of their churches and just come to Him in total unity. And then, there would be a move!

Vision that as we were worshipping earlier it was as if there were people worshipping on the mountain and as they were making a declaration and declaring freedom there was a ripple effect across the nation and nations.

Vision of an earthenware flask superimposed over the map from Snowdon to St David. The flask was in the Lord’s hands and oil was being poured out. The oil was thick and so formed a blob instead of falling but the Lord said, ‘Watch, watch for that: there is a time when that oil is going to drop and when it drops, it’s going to drop from that walk and it’s going to sweep across and the healing and the glory of the Lord will come like a golden oil.’ There were then lots of different arms and hands going up and they all had different vessels, bowls or cups – they were the prayers of the saints over the years – and the Lord was saying, ‘Because of these prayers, they bring sweet fragrance to me, and because of the prayers of the past, things are coming together and I am about to do it’. Sense that unity was such a key part of it. Without the united Church the Lord can’t really move but when His body’s united, the glory will fall.

Words from the Lord of: Glory and blessing. Quickening and precision. He is raising a standard. He is going to have the hearts of the people. There is a new beat and a new dance across Wales. It is a new beat for warrior dancing and movement to the Lord. And it is now that move is coming.

We then heard from Dick Funnell of Wales Awakening of how they have been encouraged by seeing various networks and groups of people coming together extra-denominationally in the last 5 years. He esteemed the denominations but said that he believes there is an incoming harvest that is so great it will be too big for the denominational churches. As such, God has been preparing this amazing network of people to be ready for it, so that they can be brought into the community of the Body of Christ.

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