Llangeitho to Aberystwyth

I was very honoured to walk with Emyr for three days from Llangeitho to Aberystwyth.  A walk that became in the very essence about love and in ways I hadn’t expected – love for fellow pilgrims, love for the cross and all that it represents, love for people, love for the beautiful land of Wales and perhaps most of all the Father’s love being expressed in beautiful and unexpected ways.

From my earliest days of reading the gospels in my late teens, I loved all I read about Jesus and the life of his disciples. It was a love story. So to find myself walking along the road with a shepherd’s staff and a fellow pilgrim was a delight. Carrying the cross, for the times I did, were deeply moving as I clung to the timber and thought of what Jesus suffered. Hours were spent walking and worshipping or praying and as we moved towards Aberystwyth a song rose in me – a Father’s song over the land and his saints.

Along the way there were many special times and people. One such was when we sat down for a rest on a wall. We read some scripture and prayed just before the owner drove up and said “Hi guys, what are you doing?” He was so grateful when we offered to pray for him. He said he was the owner of a hotel in the town and if we introduced ourselves there we could have a free sandwich and coffee! In time we arrived at the hotel, and parked the cross outside to the bemusement of the guests in the restaurant. As we left, after a fine lunch, a gentleman asked if we were the lads carrying the cross and spoke in Welsh of his deep respect for the Lord. He was not alone for as we walked into Aberystwyth we had a motorcyclist salute us, a farmer doff his hat and countless cars honking their horns!